JAN 05

filewrangler Now Available on the Mac App Store

The store is up and live; grab it if you run OS X 10.6. filewrangler is available for immediate sales there at US $9.99
Visit filewrangler on the Mac App Store!

JAN 05

Completely Revamped Manual Available

An entirely rewritten, redesigned, and rethought manual is now available. If you've ever had questions about how to get more out of filewrangler, this manual will be your go-to source.
Download the brand new filewrangler 2.0.1 manual here.

JAN 03

filewrangler Webpage Updated

Continuing work to welcome customers coming from Apple's new Mac App Store. New splash graphics, and lots of newly written copy to better convey the product's strengths. Also, new manual is in the works for release this week, bringing it up to the level of polish and professionalism customers have come to expect from past releases. Manual release will coincide with Thursday's Mac App Store debut.

DEC 14

filewrangler 2.0.1 RELEASED

In preparation of Apple's new Mac App Store, filewrangler has been updated to 2.0.1. Submission has been approved, so now we just wait until January 6, 2011 for the big day!
Download filewrangler 2.0.1 here.

MAY 10

Review of the Core i7 17 MacBook Pro

I have a new machine for development purposes and its been great.A review is up and the long and short of it is that it is a solid machine that curiously doesn't feel so night-and-day different from my 4 year old system as I expected. Oddly enough, Win7 Professional on it feels really great.

MAR 27

Object-Oriented Business Workflow

Thoughts I've had for a while now were finally put into words with some semblance of coherence. It struck me that in trying to apply software solutions to a business workflow, oftentimes the workflow must accommodate the software's way of thinking. This struck me as a Good Idea™ and so Encapsulating the Worker: An Object-Oriented Approach to Business Workflow has some ideas about how the principles of good software design can be extended into our thinking about how to organize business processes.

FEB 09

Core Animation Book Review

Review has been posted. Long story, short: needs editing, badly.

JAN 19

Blog update: Cocoa Crunch

I'm chronicling a one week push to go through Aaron Hillegass' book "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, 3rd Edition", five chapters a day for one week. This project takes a bit of a Scrum sprint approach with its definition of "done" for the project as well as its time-boxed nature. Will I be able to do it and still find time to do things like eat a meal, or enjoy a conversation with a friend? Read on, and find out!