Making a Cocoa Application a QuickLook Consumer

QuickLook is the Apple technology by which one can get a large, “instant” preview of a file before opening it. You may be familiar with it from the Finder. Select an item in your system and press the Space bar to get a resizable panel that plays movies, music, displays multi-page PDFs, richly formatted text […]

Considerations of the file_wrangler_2 Base Class

CDFileRepresentation is the core, base class upon which file_wrangler_2 is built. For every file and folder a user of the program wants to potentially rename, one CDFileRepresentation stands in for that object. New file names are often derived from metadata of each individual file and folder of interest in a renaming session. For example, one […]

Review of “Core Animation for Mac OS X and the iPhone”

After finishing Aaron Hillegass’ Cocoa book during my “Cocoa Crunch” I hungered for some material that dug into specific frameworks more extensively. Notably, the Core Animation frameworks seemed to be essential knowledge these days for both iPhone development reasons and desktop OS X applications. When objects are manipulated by the user, she wants visual feedback […]

Cocoa Crunch (Day 7)

Its the end of the crunch and I feel just a bit unsatisfied. I think, perhaps, I have finally outgrown Aaron’s book to some degree and its time to dig into specific technologies in a more substantial way. I have purchase three ebooks from The Pragmatic Programmer: Core Animation for Mac OS X, Interface Oriented […]

Cocoa Crunch (Day 6)

Chapters 26-30 of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, 3rd Edition revealed unto me three truths! Signing Amazon requests is hard Chapter 28 is pretty much defunct as Amazon now requires that all REST requests be signed with a secret, private ID. I thought, “Aha, a challenge!” and set to work building a protocol for […]