Lessons Learned While Re-building My Website

Get Input From Others Early It was too easy to imagine that I had planned out the ideal website for myself. After thinking about it for quite a while, I felt confident to move ahead with my ideas; however, my first attempt at a re-design was pretty much disasterous. No cohesiveness to the visuals. No […]

A New Website, A New Resolve

A new year, a new website, a new commitment to my software development. As one of the many who were affected by economic forces last year, I’ve decided to use this as an opportunity to focus on my software development and deliver a long-awaited sequel to file_wrangler to a very patient user base. I’m certain […]

bones_2 on the drawing board

Rethinking what a “dice roller” program is and can be. Bones has been a modest success, yet I never envisioned it as anything more than a test-bed for interface ideas as well as a way to scratch my old role-playing game itches. The primary intention of the program was to allow for greater ease of […]

file_wrangler_2 in the works

A dramatic update is coming to the popular utility software. Over the coming months, file_wrangler_2 is being prepared. The redesign of this website, and the implementation of a public blog, is my first step toward increasing awareness for the product. Much to my delight, I still receive email thanking me for the program, though it […]