Review of 17″ Core i7 MacBook Pro (mid-2010)

My last Macintosh purchase was about four or so years ago with the first Intel-based 17″ MacBook Pro. With 1GB RAM, 100GB 7200-RPM hard drive and the almost-instantly-obseleted 32-bit Core Duo running at 2.13GHz, it is a machine that remains viable and functional. I have never had any issues with the system whatsoever. It has […]

Quick Update

I’m a bit overdue keeping up with the blog lately, so here’s just a quick update on the goings-on (going-ons?). file_wrangler_2 Lots of good progress has been made over the past two weeks with file_wrangler_2’s user interface. Some big breakthroughs, some design reconsiderations, some learning… it all amounts to a pretty interesting way of dealing […]

Review of “Racing the Beam” by MIT Press

The difficulty is legendary, yet I can’t say I ever truly “understood” the troubles in programming an Atari Video Computer System, or Atari 2600 as it is better known. MIT Press’ new series “Platform Studies” aims to choose a target system and examine how the construction of that platform dictates the growth and maturation of […]

Review of “Core Animation for Mac OS X and the iPhone”

After finishing Aaron Hillegass’ Cocoa book during my “Cocoa Crunch” I hungered for some material that dug into specific frameworks more extensively. Notably, the Core Animation frameworks seemed to be essential knowledge these days for both iPhone development reasons and desktop OS X applications. When objects are manipulated by the user, she wants visual feedback […]

Cocoa Crunch (Day 7)

Its the end of the crunch and I feel just a bit unsatisfied. I think, perhaps, I have finally outgrown Aaron’s book to some degree and its time to dig into specific technologies in a more substantial way. I have purchase three ebooks from The Pragmatic Programmer: Core Animation for Mac OS X, Interface Oriented […]