file_wrangler_2 notes and sketches

I feel I’ve been talking a lot of theory, but not showing anything for my work of late. Today is photo day. Perhaps you will glean a piece or two of information from these snapshots of my file_wrangler_2 design notes. They are (intentionally) fairly small and low-resolution as the intent is simply to reify the work I’m doing, not to show any specific design decisions. Picture #7 is probably the closest to the latest UI designs, and the rest are all observations of similar products and ruminations on file_wrangler’s role in a user’s workflow.

That is a “well” in the bottom 1/4 of the sketch into which “panels” may be placed, dragged, rearranged, twiddled, futzed, modified, and set. “Panels” refer to discrete blocks of interface that represent specific renaming functionalities. More on the specifics, later.

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