Filewrangler and Mavericks

As many of you have realized by now, filewrangler is not compatible with Apple’s latest OS release, Mavericks (nĂ©e OS X 10.9). The delay in getting filewrangler updated comes down to a few things:

  • Mavericks coming out for free has resulted in atypically swift adoption by my user base. I was simply unprepared for this.
  • I work in the game industry… in Japan. Either fact alone would typically mean a lot of overtime work, but together it has proven to be a complete drain on my free time.
  • I have been full-time on the hunt for a new job before my contract runs out.

So, I don’t want these to sound like excuses, but rather to let everyone know what is happening and why filewrangler development has been nill for some time.

My current job ends on Christmas Day (Christmas Day in Japan is basically “just another work day”). The new job starts January 13. During that interim, I feel I can finally devote myself again to the most patient customers I’ve ever been privileged to serve. As well, the new job is not in the game industry and is run in a non-typical-Japanese fashion, so I have high hopes of regaining my free time and settling in to a work/life balance again. I very intentionally sought out such a job so I can return to my independent projects once more. It has been too long now, and I humbly apologize for the dearth of updates.

One thought on “Filewrangler and Mavericks

  1. Hi Christopher,

    I bought filewrangler v2.02 through Apple (order id: MGYMM9KLDJ)
    My workplace has forced an update from OSX 10.8.5 to 10.9.2 and now
    filewrangler is broken. Please update ASAP. I find the application very useful indeed.

    Thank you,


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