Filewrangler runs on Mavericks

The first major hurdle is jumped, as filewrangler now at least launches on Mavericks. Some things have clearly broken with the new OS (drag and drop is completely broken; UI isn’t drawing properly) and I’m currently focused on those. Once filewrangler behaves like its old self, the previously known bugs will be addressed and we’ll be ready for testing and release.

11 thoughts on “Filewrangler runs on Mavericks

  1. I suppose the blog title is a touch misleading. I meant it in relation to my current repairs on the program, not the version on the store. The App Store version, as per previous posts and the App Store description, is not working on Mavericks (i.e. OS X 10.9) at all. It will not launch and this is the primary focus of my current repair work. When this update is finished and available, your App Store application should give you a notification of its availability.

  2. Love your program and is a life saver. Please keep up the good work and let me (us all) know once the Mavericks is up
    Thank you for that great product!!!

  3. Any progress yet on Filewrangler for Mavericks? Can we expect any update in the (near) future?

  4. I still have my fingers crossed that you will find the time to fix FileWrangler on Mavericks. I got a lot of value out of your app and miss having it.

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