file_wrangler_2 “Alpha” reached!

A big push this week to get an early version into a few testers’ hands today for an early alpha of file_wrangler_2. I’m very happy to have the program to a point I’m ready to share with a small group and after using it for a while, it is difficult for me to use other, […]

Quick Update

I’m a bit overdue keeping up with the blog lately, so here’s just a quick update on the goings-on (going-ons?). file_wrangler_2 Lots of good progress has been made over the past two weeks with file_wrangler_2’s user interface. Some big breakthroughs, some design reconsiderations, some learning… it all amounts to a pretty interesting way of dealing […]

Meeting the “Minimum Acceptable User Experience”

While working on file_wrangler_2 I’m constantly amazed at the number of new technologies I need to learn. There is a bar that is yea-high (when I say “yea”, I’m putting my hand about eye-level) that effectively sets the level of expectation Macintosh users have for their software. Apple has raised that bar considerably, by adding […]

Three Left Turns Make a Right: Learning to Learn

This has been a very productive week for me as a programmer, and I mean that in the gestaltist sense of the word. Java skills? Level up! Applescript skills? Level up! Program design skills? Level up! Cocoa skills? BIG level up! Perhaps the aspect of programming that I enjoy the most is the iterative process […]