Mac App Store and 2.0.1

I hope it is obvious to those who are interested in filewrangler that the recent announcement of the Mac App Store has me quite excited and busy these days. I have officially submitted the app to the store this afternoon and am now awaiting approval.

2.0.1 fixes a redraw issue with sizing the window very, very small. It also introduces a couple of small, new features. A new menu option to visit the product page can be found under the main application menu. Additionally, for those who need to see as many files as humanly possible at every given moment, the Filter and Builder wells are now collapsible. Click the little triangle to the left of the Filter and Builder title bars to collapse them down. They continue to work as expected when in collapsed mode, they just kind of “get out of the way” for you to view more files, especially on smaller screens.

Additionally, the Mac App Store being Intel-only and 10.6-only meant I had to do some internal rearranging of code to accommodate Mac App Store approval processes. This also means that I can provide a 32-bit/64-bit Universal build to those who purchase through the store. It is currently my intention to continue making the application available on my website for 10.5 users, or those who just don’t wish to purchase through the store. The landscape for such things has been to known to change very rapidly in this crazy world, however.

The 2.0.1 update will be broadcast to all users today.

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