Filewrangler runs on Mavericks

The first major hurdle is jumped, as filewrangler now at least launches on Mavericks. Some things have clearly broken with the new OS (drag and drop is completely broken; UI isn’t drawing properly) and I’m currently focused on those. Once filewrangler behaves like its old self, the previously known bugs will be addressed and we’ll […]

Filewrangler 2.1 Update

A very happy new year to everyone. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening with filewrangler and the Mavericks update. Clearly the update was not ready in time for end-of-2013 as I had hoped. I apologize for the continuing delays, but in going through and auditing the codebase, the necessary modifications are surprisingly numerous. Changes […]

Filewrangler and Mavericks

As many of you have realized by now, filewrangler is not compatible with Apple’s latest OS release, Mavericks (née OS X 10.9). The delay in getting filewrangler updated comes down to a few things: Mavericks coming out for free has resulted in atypically swift adoption by my user base. I was simply unprepared for this. […]

Filewrangler Status Report

Just wanted to give a quick status update on how things are going with filewrangler. My plans to work on a dot update we’re thrown under a bus, almost literally. I was recently struck from behind by a bus and had to go to the hospital. I’m recovering well right now, but I can’t say […]

Price Drop to Celebrate Lion Release

Lion was officially released, and while it is not an endorsement per-se, I’m happy to see filewrangler’s orange gears used throughout Apple’s promotional materials. They look good on the dark blue backdrop used to demonstrate Launchpad, don’t you think? I attended WWDC this year and was pleased as punch to see filewrangler’s icon in basically […]