Filewrangler 2.1 Update

A very happy new year to everyone. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening with filewrangler and the Mavericks update.

Clearly the update was not ready in time for end-of-2013 as I had hoped. I apologize for the continuing delays, but in going through and auditing the codebase, the necessary modifications are surprisingly numerous. Changes to Objective-C, the OS X libraries, and compiler efficiencies have rendered a lot of old code redundant. As such, I’m streamlining things and reducing the amount of code in the application, while also transitioning away from recently deprecated method calls.

Simply put, updating filewrangler is a big project that I want to do right. I’ve always taken a lot of pride in how few bug reports I’ve received from users over the years, and intend to keep the update just as stable. As well, there are two long-standing bugs that I want to make sure are addressed in this update:

  • Case Setter bug. If case is the only change to a filename, the result is that nothing is changed when files are renamed. Time to squish this once and for all.
  • Sorting bug. File names in the file list should sort exactly like the Finder. They currently do not, as can be seen in file names that include a numeric sequence.

So, Mavericks compatibility + bug fixes = filewrangler 2.1.

3 thoughts on “Filewrangler 2.1 Update

  1. Can’t wait to purchase the new version! It has been the only comparable software I’ve found that renames every file in directories that have multiple folders which is crucial for my needs… the current solutions are really not working! looking forward to the update.

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