Price Drop to Celebrate Lion Release

Lion was officially released, and while it is not an endorsement per-se, I’m happy to see filewrangler’s orange gears used throughout Apple’s promotional materials. They look good on the dark blue backdrop used to demonstrate Launchpad, don’t you think? I attended WWDC this year and was pleased as punch to see filewrangler’s icon in basically every presentation. One session had a slide on screen that suggested developers “Design a beautiful icon”. There, front and center, was the filewrangler icon. Just couldn’t stop smiling that day!

Oddly enough, the new icon also has received at least one hate mail, begging for a return to the original icon. But, let’s try to ride Apple’s coattails for a little while for the time being.

I was most happy to see that in the Mac App Store screenshots for Lion the filewrangler name is legible. As such, I’m trying to draw a bit more attention to the relationship between the icon and the application and the fact that filewrangler is now the lowest priced file renaming utility of the “Big Three” (other two being Rename 8 and Name Mangler).

But, really I just want to lower the price of entry into filewrangler’s way of doing things. So, the new, permanent price is $6.99. My competition runs at $9.99 and (the frankly unbelievable) $19.99. I see how Apple is pricing things, and with Lion at $30 it is hard to justify a utility like mine at $9.99. Hard to say if I will drop the price again, but I will not go any higher than the current $6.99.

So, thank you to everyone who has supported filewrangler over the past year, and I look forward to welcoming lots of new users over the coming months.

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