Cracked the Top 50 in Paid Utilities

I’m very excited to see how much movement filewrangler had on the Top Paid and Top Grossing utility charts at the Mac App Store today. Each day has been a steady increase with each attempt to boost sales proving successful in some fashion. I am really enjoying seeing how I can formulate a plan of attack, implement it, and see the results within 24 hours. It’s a bit like working with fruit fly DNA, where the tinkering produces almost immediate results; the down side is it distracts me from work a little, constantly checking filewrangler’s position on the charts.

But today looks to have been a really great day in sales, if I am reading the charts correctly. I won’t know until tomorrow morning, but I have every reason to believe today was my best day in sales yet… ever… in the history of the program. Support like this helps ensure a future for the program, and I do truly look forward to seeing how this year turns out.

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