Things are Developing

I can’t believe it is only Wednesday; it feels like next Thursday so much has been going on. Java projects are done and turned in, Java final is over, freelance work is done (for now), gave a speech at last night’s Spoilrr Meetup event, trying to coordinate people buying my furniture, prepping for this week’s move back to San Francisco, building a Joomla website for a client, job interviews, informational interviews, and probably a few things I’m forgetting.

After getting file_wrangler_2 to alpha status last week, I’ve had to spend this week taking care of all the other life-things that have languished a bit during development. This means file_wrangler_2 development is delayed by a week, but as of next Tuesday life calms down again (did I just jinx it?) and I make a major push to wrap up.

Ah, it is so difficult to decide what should be in version 2.0 and what should wait until 2.1 and 2.2. That roadmap is essential for helping me keep my sanity, and I wish I could put everything ever asked of me into the first release.

I have two screencasts I’d like to upload soon. First, a file_wrangler_2 feature demo to briefly show how the new interface works. Second, the presentation I gave at Spoilrr last night was to help define for content creators what it means to “develop something for the iPhone/iPad”. As a kind of introduction to the various ways one can get content onto the iPhone OS platform, I think it contains a lot of good information. Last night’s slides are being shared at If you are a content creator and know a group that may benefit from this information, I’d enjoy giving a high-level overview in person, gratis. I think there is a lot of misconception about the development process and I always enjoy the challenge of helping creative minds understand what technology can do for them.

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