Welcome Mac App Store Shoppers!

I’m really ecstatic about today’s Mac App Store release, and I’m grateful you spent a moment to investigate the website a bit. I sincerely hope that if you’re on the fence about purchasing filewrangler that you’ll download the manual, give it a once over, and realize that I’m very committed to providing you with excellent support and professional work. filewrangler has been around for many years now, and the new version really distinguishes my vision of what this kind of utility software can be.

This blog has been a chronicle of the development lifecycle of filewrangler 2 over the past year, and will continue to be in an effort to help customers feel connected to the product in which they have invested. I believe you’ll find the posts and reviews on the site to be very honestly written, even when I’m struggling and learning. I believe very fully in being as transparent as possible with my customers; I know how often it can feel that ideas, comments, complaints and such are just funneled into some kind of email black hole. Not so with me, and I encourage a healthy discussion about where we can take filewrangler next.

I’d love to get your feedback, right here in this blog, about the growth direction in which you’d like to see filewrangler develop. My goal is to provide tools that take filewrangler beyond file renaming, and while I have my own concepts about what that means, I’d like to get your unbiased opinions as well.

Welcome to the site, welcome to the blog, and above all else, welcome to filewrangler!

(hey, is that filewrangler’s icon on Apple’s website promoting the Mac App Store? Why yes, I believe it is, on the left side of the laptop screen, next to the words ‘iWork’)

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