Macintosh and iPhone Application/Automation

Programming Services For Hire

Are you an individual or small business who needs more work done with fewer resources? My services can help both you and your Macintosh (running OS X) be more productive! With more than six years' professional experience in developing Cocoa applications, AppleScript, and UNIX scripts for the Mac, I can deliver a polished, professional application to your business in a reasonable amount of time within budget.

What You May Need

  • Tools to assist in a migration from a Windows environment.
  • Cross-application workflow tools.
  • To get more work done in less time.
  • The productivity of an extra employee without the expense of hiring one.
  • Rote work performed exactingly, rapidly, and en masse.
  • A tool to empower yourself or staff members to perform complicated workflows with utmost precision.
  • A tool to ensure homogeneity in workflow, regardless of the skill level of the employee.
  • Quality Assurance testing
  • Documentation Writing
  • Certified ScrumMaster

What I Offer

  • Applescript, Cocoa/Objective-C, UNIX scripting solutions.
  • Absolute professionalism, articulate correspondence, and utter client confidentiality.
  • Expert knowledge of creative workflows, especially in Adobe Creative Suite.
  • A strong ability to distill workflows and business processes into their core essences and act methodically upon them.
  • Honesty. If I can't do what you need, I will explain in clear reasons why as well as explain what I think you DO need to get your work done.
  • Reasonable Price.