As a creative professional turned to code, I have a unique vantage point into both worlds.
The software I develop:

  • Bridges art and code whenever possible.
  • Brings new tools to creative professionals.
  • Automates creative workflows.
  • Creates tools that make technical processes accessible to the non-technically inclined.
  • Promotes consistency in workflows with professionals of varying ability.
  • Leverages your investment in Apple technology by making your systems work harder.

How Can I Help You?

I currently develop exclusively for Apple technologies, and am well-versed in creative workflow automation. I prefer developing in Objective-C using Apple's Cocoa (and other) frameworks, in Applescript (for cross-application workflow solutions), via the UNIX command line, or a mix of the three. Of course, web technologies are equally important, and I am more than happy to work with you on your next online project.

  • OS X (10.5 and higher) software development
  • iPhone application development
  • Certified ScrumMaster
  • Graphic art assets (icons, web graphics, in-application art)
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Quality Assurance testing
  • Programming

While most of my work to date has been for private, corporate use, I do have two well-received freeware programs for which I produced all art, documentation, and programming:

Feel free to contact me on any project with which you may need assistance . I'd love to help!


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