Cracked the Top 50 in Paid Utilities

I’m very excited to see how much movement filewrangler had on the Top Paid and Top Grossing utility charts at the Mac App Store today. Each day has been a steady increase with each attempt to boost sales proving successful in some fashion. I am really enjoying seeing how I can formulate a plan of […]

Mac App Store Update

Looks like things are moving along nicely with filewrangler on the new Mac App Store! I don’t want to release specifics, but I can say this: I sold more in two days than I usually do in a week, so in that regard I’m pretty happy. Learned a lot looking through the store over the […]

Welcome Mac App Store Shoppers!

I’m really ecstatic about today’s Mac App Store release, and I’m grateful you spent a moment to investigate the website a bit. I sincerely hope that if you’re on the fence about purchasing filewrangler that you’ll download the manual, give it a once over, and realize that I’m very committed to providing you with excellent […]

2.0.1 now available

Personally, I seem to be having trouble on my computer with receiving automatic updates, but I’m not certain this is a real problem for anyone but me right now. If you aren’t getting the automatic alert, please go to the menu option filewrangler > Check for Updates to receive version 2.0.1 of filewrangler. Also, I’m […]

Mac App Store and 2.0.1

I hope it is obvious to those who are interested in filewrangler that the recent announcement of the Mac App Store has me quite excited and busy these days. I have officially submitted the app to the store this afternoon and am now awaiting approval. 2.0.1 fixes a redraw issue with sizing the window very, […]